Glazed And Confuzed Tahoe Donut, LLC is locally owned and operated by married duo Anthony & Mara Cavallaro. Together nearly 15 years and married for 7, the two have been a team since the beginning. Meeting in South Lake Tahoe, they packed up and moved to Los Angeles to pursue the Hollywood dream and they did just that. Expanding their culinary experience's combining over 30 years and being a part of multiple startups, they were able to gain an abundance of business knowledge which has helped them to pursue their DONUT DREAMS!  With Mara's ability to interact so positively with every person she meets and Anthony to be a strong supporter, the couple has worked together nearly every year since!

     After gaining such great work experience and getting a few years older, they made their plan to return to South Lake Tahoe, in hopes that one day, they would go into business for themselves. As time went by, the vision became more and more clear that their love for food was the best direction to go. In early 2015 the couple had finalized their decision and direction and began the endless process of building South Lake Tahoe's Original Donut Delivery from the ground up.

     South Lake Tahoe has a great selection for dining as well as plenty of places for a sweet treat. But what they strive to offer is an excellent product that is hand crafted to the best quality available and then delivered to your door! Each donut is carefully crafted in small batches, hand glazed and topped with perfectly balanced flavor combinations. There is no denying that their process will give you a memorable experience and promise to have you coming back for more!!!